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The purpose? Our son Harry to start with. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, the form known as Spastic Hemiplegia. We thought we were so alone, we thought that noone could help us.....How wrong could we be? There are thousands upon thousands of people out there with the same condition and very much the same amount of people feeling alone as we did.

I have created this site to give you an insight of our sons life growing up, what effects the condition is having on him, how we as parents are feeling and what the doctors have told us to expect. All this along with the fun times we have with him too :)

I am hoping our site will help you as parents know what to expect (although every case is different in it's severity) know you have someone to talk to and hopefully find useful information on here from other parents too.

Below are some links to some other sites that may help you and some information on very good literature for you to buy.

Please look through our site - About Harry will tell you all about our little man and some photographs of him too. Forum is our Q&A's . Please browse through posts in there, comment on statements, answer questions and of course ask your own question, after all, we have set the forum up for us all to help each other, and please register, it means a lot for 30 seconds of your time. Blog is our day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year diary of Harry, his Sister Grace, Me his Daddy and Michelle his Mummy. How we all are, what is upcoming for Harry and what has happened already. Sponsors is a page dedicated to the companies that are helping our cause, with links to all their websites, please feel free to click any of them if there is anything of interest. Finally contact is exactly what it says. You will find in here our email addresses, contact numbers and mailing address. Please feel free to use any of them at anytime.

Again. Thank you for visiting, I do hope we can all help each other and spread the word.

Paul, Michelle, Grace & Harry xxx




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