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Tuesday, 24 February 2009 00:00

Hello Everyone,

Instead of being in the background and letting Michelle write all the blogs while I concentrate on the Forum and actual design of the website, I thought I'd best come and say hi.

First and foremost, thank you.  Thank you for your kind words, support and constant offer of help, it does not go unnoticed and we are truly touched.

It's really strange you know, Harry is only 10 months and I can already see the determination in his eyes.  The determination not to be beat down with this, the sheer determination to be a tormenting brother to his big sister Grace (I might say this is going to be his primary focus in life!) and the massive determination to keep Mummy and Daddy smiling.  He is such a bright boy, eg: we noticed the other day that if we click our fingers at him he will clench his fists open and closed and make the clicking noise with his tongue followed by the cheesiest grin and yesterday we actually heard him say ta! several times while reaching for a book that Grace had (I won't tell you what noises he made when he didn't get the book!)

I still think, "whats going to happen, what will he be doing in 20 years, will he ever drive a car etc" but I have always thought this since he was diagnosed, I think it's something that will never leave my mind until it happens.  All I do know is that a 10 month old boy is being stronger than me!  I have already been told he will never play professional football so that was my main plan down the drain (Leeds United!!) but no-one has said he will never hold a microphone.....I feel Robbie Williams getting warm with the sense of the competition!!!!!
This little boy makes us both so proud of him and I am also proud he has a big sister like Grace because she just adores him.

I am going to be contacting media over the next week (Radio, magazines, possibly local tv) just to try and get a plug for our site.  I would really like to get our forum the number one port of call for Cerebral Palsy and Hemiplegia.  Any help, ideas that any of you may have, please post on the Forums for me.  Once we get to the 100 mark I will be introducing a chat room on to the site so you can all discuss things with each other instantly.  Ideally I would like the forum to have 200+ members so we start getting invites to advertise on other organisations websites, but, one step at a time I guess!

Anyway, I am going to sign off now, again thank you all and please keep checking back on the forums and blog.

All the best to you all

Paul xxxxxx


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