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Sunday, 08 March 2009 00:00

Well it's been over a week since I updated the blog which I feel a bit guilty about but it's been a hectic week (just for a change!).

We had another hospital visit last Sunday but for Grace not Harry. She had an accident and fell face down onto a stone floor, teeth through lip etc etc. Lots of tears but better after cuddles and kisses. She started to be sick, however, later in the day and NHS Direct told us to take her to A & E to be checked for concussion.......4 hours later we were back home and she was fine. Kids are a constant worry bless them.

The rest of the week has been busy with every day things and now we are suddenly at Sunday night with only 3 full days to go before Harry's MRI. We got a letter the other day outlining where to go, at what time and how to "fast" Harry. He will not be happy about not being able to eat his full weetabix and 8 oz bottle!!!! It feels like planning a military operation - Grace is being packed off the night before to stay at her "boyfriends" house much to her delight and we will have to set off at 7am to negotiate traffic into Leeds and attempt to get parked at the LGI (which is notoriously bad for parking for those of you who don't know). Grace is getting picked up from school by Harry's Godmum so we are having a practise run at that on Wednesday - see what I mean about military operation yet lol?

Anyway, think we have crossed the "Ts" and dotted the "Is", well hopefully!! I am sure it will all be fine on the day, I just want it over and done with now so we can get some kind of line drawn under it and move on with his treatment.

Michelle x


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