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Thursday, 12 March 2009 00:00

Hello! Well, we survived today after weeks of worrying........ I am going to try and remember everything that happened and get it down so anyone reading that has to go through it still will know what to expect. For those of you that know me well I will be totally honest too!

We all got up at 6am this morning and by 7.45 were parked at the hospital. We got up to the ward for just before 8am as we had been asked to do. We were in a day ward in a room with 6 beds all of which were filled by just after 8am. Harry was the youngest, there was a little girl at 16 months, 2 little boys of about 6, a girl of about 11 and a young lad who was about 14.

Firstly we were allocated a nurse who did loads of paperwork with us and put Harry's wristbands on. Another nurse then came and put some magic cream onto the back of Harry's hands just in case he needed a canula fitting. The anaethesist then came round to explain what would happen and issue consent forms. She told us that 2 of the other patients would be going first as they were having CT scans not MRIs. We then had to wait.....and wait.....and wait!!! After copius amounts of GMTV, Jeremy Kyle, This Morning and Judge Judy, Paul went to see what was happening. There had been 2 emergency admissions which had delayed everything but we were told that we would definitely be going down. The little girl at 16 months got sent home as there was not enough time to do her - this was heartbreaking to see as her Mum and Grandma were extremely distraught as you would expect (I know I would have been after weeks of worrying).

Finally at about 12.30 they came to fetch us. We were allocated a health care assistant who took us down to the MRI department and stayed with us. Once down there we didn't wait long. Only 1 of us were allowed in to the room with Harry. I went with him. I had to hold him in my arms whilst they put the gas mask onto his face. It wasn't pleasant but he was soon asleep. I managed not to go to pieces completely. The worse bit was leaving him on the trolley and walking away.

We were told to go and get a coffee and come back in half an hour. I am glad we followed their advice. Half an hour soon passed. Back in the waiting room we got told that he would soon be coming round. Paul was distraught to hear Harry crying knowing we weren't with him but secretly I was just glad to hear him crying as it meant he was ok. They then fetched us into the room - he was a  bit groggy and disorientated but he soon managed one of his special smiles for Mummy and Daddy. I got to ride back upstairs on a trolley as I was holding Harry who weighs a ton at the best of times.

Once back on the ward we were allowed to give Harry a bottle and some weetabix - that was soon devoured, he was starving bless him. After that, they came to check his temperature and his pulse and after an hour or so we were told we could go home. We were given an after care leaflet and a letter to take to our doctor. We were told that the results would be sent to Harry's consultant and that she will contact us from there.

So there, that's where we are up to. We are all shattered to say the least but glad that today is over and gearing up for the next instalment.

Shell x


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