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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 00:00


Well it's been a while since my last post but lots to report!

Harry had his assessment 2 weeks ago where we met his team.

Unfortunately the speech and language therapist was not able to attend the assessment so she came to the house to do a seperate assessment a couple of days before. She thought that Harry was where he should be for his age and in some things actually ahead so we were delighted at this outcome (we always knew in our own minds that this was the case anyway).

At the actual assessment, Harry first met his occupational health therapist and his physiotherapist. It was basically a play session for Harry which he loved and managed to charm the professionals who were all female! Afterwards  his consultant and the psychologist took a turn.

After this we had a break where we were given Harry's MRI results. The damage to his brain was minimal and affecting his movement and we were told that they think the damage occurred during pregnancy. We weren't actually shown anything, the consultant just verbally told us and drew us a diagram of Harry's brain.

After the break we all met up again and discussed what will happen going forward. Harry starts a course of physiotherapy and occupational health therapy which they are doing jointly at home. The course is for 6 weeks. Harry also has to have an eye test and a hearing test. He does not need to see the speech therapist for 6 months. We have also got a few appointments with the health visitor and his specialist health visitor/psychologist.

So we have made lots of progress since my last post and Harry's first physio is on his first birthday 14th April bless him.

We now have the lovely task of filling in his DLA form but luckily our specialist health visitor is going to help us with that as it is a little bit daunting to say the least!

Anyway, will update again next  week after his first physio and his first birthday as no doubt there will be loads to report.

Bye for now x


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